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modified side plate pouches
« on: November 19, 2015, 12:39:39 PM »
I found some USGI pouches in a gear bin and decided to make them more useful.

These are designed to hold 6x8 or XS esapi plates and attach to the IOTV or SPC. They do that just fine, but needed an little update. I took each pouch apart, removed the original attachment system (except for the snaps), and added MOLLE to both the front and backside of the pouch.

The pictures are not the greatest but I can assure you my stitch lines are straight and MOLLE is 1.5 inches on center. I also had to make some repairs using some binding and 500d coyote.

Frontside - MOLLE is 6x3 - after sewing I realized I could have made them 5x3 as the most exterior columns may or may not be useful.

Backside - You can see the coyote fabric across the top to repair the holes where I removed the webbing attachment. By added the rows of MOLLE you can now use MALICE clips to attach the pouch with a wider footprint, offering better stability of the pouch.