Author Topic: A Heads Up: Genuine Velcro-brand Tan499 3in Wide Hook & Loop Rolls $64.99/set  (Read 1021 times)

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Just a heads up for y'all, this ebay vendor has a limited supply of genuine Velcro-brand, Tan499 3inch wide Hook and Loop fastener in 50ft Rolls available as a set of one each hook, one each loop $64.99 plus Parcel Post:

As a comparison, Industrial Webbing Corp in Fla sells 2inch hook or loop for $56/roll:

3inch wide hook and loop is the width London Bridge Trading uses on their LBT-6094 and other style plate carriers, for the front velcro sandwich, the plate access flap and, the inner surface loop velcro patches for attaching the add on armorered collar and throat protectors; other mfg use 3inch wide hook and loop for the front velcro sandwich.