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Quivers (pic heavy)
« on: August 10, 2016, 03:13:38 AM »
I recently made the girlfriend and I matching side quivers.
They are identical except that her's is 2 inches shorter to not totally swallow her arrows because I have a pretty long draw @ 30" (and her's is a little short).
I used 500d Ranger Green reinforced with HDPE and lined with felt to knock down on rattle. The stick connecting the top loop to the bottom is linseed oiled poplar laced on with 550 cord.
This type of quiver has been around for quite a while, but other than "side quiver" I don't know it's proper name. They are typically leather with a board connecting the top & bottom similar to these OR all leather with an opening to pull the arrows through.

The paracord in the bottom is actually a piece of shock cord in a paracord sheath to protect it from the points (mostly the broadheads). I gutted paracord, slithered the shock cord in and sewed it on one side then collapsed the paracord sheath down the shock cord and sewed it at the other end. I did this to make the paracord sheath a couple inches longer than the shock cord, so it can actually stretch.

It's used as a divider which allows me to organize my arrows so I can draw the arrow I want without looking.

The girlfriend using hers...

And me shooting at 2 square targets and a jack in the box cup, though I was shooting terribly in this video   :P

I also made a back quiver a few months ago with some unique features that I'll go over next time.