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Pouches / Re: M1 en bloc pouch
« on: November 19, 2017, 03:42:14 PM »
Sorry for the slow reply. Your pouch looks pretty good.

I think most of us started with a home sewing machine and know the difficulty of making it work when sewing many layers of Cordura and webbing. It definitely gets much easier over time.

It takes a while to learn out to lay everything out. I would highly recommend starting on paper. Sketch it out and think where stitches will show on the product face and see if you can layer so that they do not show. Eventually this will become second nature, and will serve you well when making medical kit, or complicated backpacks.

For the pouch flaps, especially if you having some issues getting the folds just right I would suggest chauffeuring the edges a little. It looks clean and hides mistakes. Starting with the fabric folded inside out (which you did) mark a line to follow around your seam allowance and stitch (as shown in green). Next trim the extra material as shown in red. Invert the flap, (optionally insert mesh or webbing to stiffen), then stitch a tight pattern around the perimeter.

For the palls grid, I would stitch your two layers of cordura inside out just like the pouch flap. Once inverted lay out your webbing and stitch down only one column across all rows (shown in green). Then fold the webbing out of the way and stitch the center line of the pouch (shown in red). This time folding the pouch out of the way and stitch the other column of webbing. Now you can stitch down the sides, [webbing and pouch sides in one pass all around] closing the bottom of the pouch by folding in the bottom of the back under the bottom stitches. Now the face of the pouch has only one clean line stitched all around (tacked on the webbing). This is the way I like to do it, others may have their own preference.

Over all awesome work. I look forward to your future projects.

These may load as tiny squares, they should be clickable.


*corrected spelling error.

Introductions / Hello everyone, I'm Cat.
« on: September 26, 2017, 05:48:39 PM »
Hello everyone, I'm Cat.

I was active on the DIY Tactical forums years ago and fell out of sewing for a few years. About a 6 weeks ago my stress level hit 99% and decided I needed to get back into some of my old hobbies, and started sewing again.

I love to solve problems and fancy myself as a maker. For me sewing provides a new, but similar set of problems to solve.

Looking around this forum I'm amazed at the skill level. The DIY makers have really stepped up their game! I look forward to contributing here!

I'm happy to share any skills I have learned so please feel free to ask.

My weekend project for the last couple of weeks has been a new messenger bag for work (which turned into a bunch of bags, if anyone is interested I'll share some construction photos).

Thanks everyone!
-Brian (aka Cat)

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