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FYI, I visited your website and I didn’t see your roll length.

Thank you.  Rectified!  50 yard roll*

Vendors and sources / Re: first-spear tubes
« on: March 01, 2019, 04:48:25 AM »
Our experience has been different with ROC buckles.

We now have a few hundred carriers out with them. Some in daily LE use and some went to harsh places (jungle, desert, maritime).
A few have broken their locking latches (from pulling too hard on them) but even then the buckles still function. You could break two of the four lugs (ROC80) and the buckles remain operational. The Tubes won't work if you break their locking latch and replacement buckles are hard to find (the French Army sends the whole NFM carrier for repair when that happens).
Having 2 wide slots makes for an easier replacement compared to 3 narrow slots - we cut ROC buckles to offer a repair version until 2M has them available.
The alignment can be a PITA but the goal is to prevent the relative rotation of the two pieces from straining the locking lug.
Unless you have a non-elastic cummerbund there's just a proper gesture to learn to fasten them.

Besides, it's not like we have a lot of options in Europe. The Nat Molding one could be a better design but we can't buy them so who cares.

Workspace, tools, machinery, and manufacturing / Re: Variable Tacker
« on: January 28, 2019, 03:12:15 PM »
Because for me, the ROI on a tacker is not as great as other potential purchases, IF I can add one for the deals I have seen in the past, I would.  Have passed on four tackers, all in great shape, for under $800, in the past 26 months.  All of them were in 95% condition or better, and were local to where I was at the time.  The timing for the purchase simply wasn't right when they came along, and that was a judgement call I made.

Over the course of more than two years you were unable to seal the deal on one of four mechanical tackers that met your criteria and were unable to save for an electronic tacker.  You're unaware that most cam tackers have adjustable length tacking.  If one is unable to demonstrate understanding the basics of a class of machine, it seems unlikely one could intelligently evaluate the condition of that machine.

This reminds me of 90s/00s gunshows and the ever present 35 year old gunshow SEAL talking about his time in Da Nang and shooting M43 out of an M16 because they tumbled through the air across the border from his secret commando base in Laos or Cambodia.  Or the jackwagon who, during VCC LEA 94 mag ban, insisted that shitbox aftermarket mags were as good as factory mags.  Or that guy who thinks a carbureted motor is more reliable than fuel injection.  Or the home builder who thinks their experimental's Rotax is as reliable as a PT6.  Or Uncle Rico regretting coach not putting him in the game '82.

Just like I'm making the judgement call, for my personal situation, that spending $500 for a Singer 269 makes sense, but spending $3k for a more fancy tacker does not, even if it means I am more likely to spend some time here or there to keep it up and running.

I also don't have the luxury of 220V or pneumatic hookups, and I understand that limits my options to what some would prefer.

Again, the above appears to be written by one who does not understand the subject.  There are plenty of 110v electronic tackers that don't need air.  If the tacker is 220v, a little adapter box is under $100 to run on 110v.  If the tacker needs air, a suitable air compressor can be had for under $100.

There are plenty of electronic tackers available under $2000 and under $1500 if one looks around.  Electronic tackers are still supported by their respective manufacturers.  Based on 14 years of tracking machine maintenance expenses through QuickBooks, mechanical tackers have cost us about 1.6x as that of electronic tackers.  Based on 14 years of tech'ing all of our machinery, a malfunctioning electronic tacker takes much less time to return to service than a malfunctioning cam tacker.

Will I continue to stash away some funds from each project for a programmable tacker?  Of course.  But capitalizing on a good deal on a less-fancy machine could, in turn, speed up that process in the long run.  Does that type of thinking work for everyone, especially if they have production lines to maintain?  Of course not.

This has nothing to do with fancy and everything to do with proper execution.  You have assigned a (remarkably low) value to the lives of those counting on critical life support equipment for their job.  Why would one not want the best piece of equipment for the application especially when lives are on the line?  How could one, in good faith, manufacture life support items for top dudes with bottom end equipment?

I have a busted 430D sitting in the corner.  The 430D is 110v and does not need air.  It does need a new X motor, table, control box, and panel.  How much do you have stashed away right now to spend on a tacker?  If it will cover the table, motor, box, panel, crating, and freight, I'll fork it on a truck and send it your way.  It's cheaper than spending my time policing threads like this.

It's a casualty from freight company negligence.  Some guy thought he knew how to operate a forklift but was really just a walking calamity of mistakes and lesser points that, "aren't his fault," even though he is the common denominator in all the situations.  He always has someone or something to blame for his inability to execute.  He's always willing to take a shortcut in the name of time or cost.  He always has an excuse as to why he didn't do something correctly.  It's a mantra of self sabotage so he doesn't need to experience terrifying success or his fear of abject failure.  He's the one who, with his total apathy, causes aircraft to fall out of the sky and then he shrugs his shoulders.

Different strokes for different folks.  If you feel the inquiry spreads misinformation, feel free to remove the thread.

It is disclosed that WTF entirely funds  WTF have a fiduciary responsibility to quash erroneous info immediately if not sooner.  Our valued OEM, ODM, and contract clients often express our conduct on gearmaker as one of their deciding factors to send us work.

Threads like this must not be removed so that others may learn and spend their valuable time and money wisely.

Service exchange / Re: Looking for prototypes to be laser cut
« on: December 11, 2017, 08:55:11 PM »
Whiskey Two Four will do it for you.

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