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Hey guys about the pull the trigger on a bar tacker mainly been focused on getting the Brother KE430HS-5 but when speaking with some suppliers they often recommended other machines also. Mainly to give me options or possibly they get better margins

The other options recommended alongside the brother are
Juki LK1900
Highlead HLK03 Japanese made (Mitsubishi PLK)
Highlead HLK430 (brother rebrand I assume
And a Zoje ZJ1900DHS which I assume is a rebrand of a juki 1900

Would love to hear any experiences, recommendations or stay always for the above machines or possible some that I haven’t mentioned but are top contenders


Hey guys,

Looking into what the best/strongest method of attaching a piece of loop Velcro without stitching to obtain a similar appearance as an arc'teryx or similar high end jackets.

What methods are used by the above or you personally have good experience with? or do you know who may be able to answer.

I am aware of the ultrasonic method but does that require a certain Loop type and have also found some info on regarding loop with a heat activated adhesive which is rated for -20C to +80C but unsure on it's strength

appreciate the insight guys cheers

Vendors and sources / Velcro One Wrap
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:35:26 AM »
Hey guys,
Looking for a source for 1" velcro one wrap in coyote that sells by the roll. don't quite need a full case so direct to Velcro for the time being will need to wait. preferably an eu source or if in the states ships to the uk.

I am aware of
but both of these don't ship outside the us


Hey everyone, so while stitching part time i have also been at university studying electronic and electrical engineering, currently in my final year which means Honours Project dissertation woo.

For my dissertation i am designing and building a automatic cutting machine for webbing etc. The features as of writing this is as follows:
Automatic feeding of up to 5" wide material/materials
steady Temperature controlled Hot knife cutting
user selectable cutting temperature
Accurate Cutting to specified lengths (currently increments of 5mm)
Quantity of cuts to 9999
Easy user interface
Cut from user provided file ( see Below)

as well as the above the aim is to make it as small and also as cheap as possible without jeopardizing function or durability.

The final features is to allow the user to create a simple file that has all the cuts for a product place it on a USB, insert into the machine and be able to cut the lengths on the file to the quantity inputted on the machine. this was with a product with multiple lengths in mind like a chest rig to make setting up a production run of cutting simpler and as the files will be incredible tiny

i was wondering if there is any features you guys like or would like in an automatic cutter or any considerations to take into account, If any of you are interested in the progress i can keep you all updated.

Thanks in advance for any input

Asset exchange / WTB 1.5" Ranger Green Webbing
« on: September 06, 2018, 03:27:14 AM »
Unfortunately the ranger green webbing shortage is still being a pain.

By any chance does anyone have 16 metres of 1.5” Solution-dyed A-A-55301 in Ranger Green, willing to take 17337 also willing to take more or less than 16 metres if it's available


Service exchange / Looking for a batch of laser cut components
« on: April 25, 2018, 05:04:18 PM »
Hey guys
i have a client that requested there products to be produced in a laser cut format i previously had prototyped by the very kind Orion Defense.

I am looking to have 20 Multicam, 5 Ranger Green & 5 Coyote Brown of a piece cut that measures 597mm x 80mm in WTF ACRONYM, Can supply if needed.

Cheers in advance

Service exchange / Looking for prototypes to be laser cut
« on: December 11, 2017, 08:26:48 PM »
Hi there

as the title says i am looking to have some prototype pieces laser cut from laminate (preferably Tactical Trim laminate or acronym 500d/500d,

as they are prototypes i am only looking for 1-2 of each design to be cut so it can be tested and tweaks made before larger quantity's are cut, i have spoken with a couple local places but they have moq's of 20 or more of each piece which i would rather avoid at this current stage.

I am looking to have 7 pieces total cut in Multicam the largest being 330 x 95mm

If anyone is willing to offer there services or knows of someone please let me know.

I can be contacted here or email me at info AT


Vendors and sources / Looking for a Ykk Supplier?
« on: July 08, 2017, 09:55:41 AM »
Hi there like the title says i am looking for a ykk supplier for full rolls of coil zip, location isn't an issue as most things seems to be cheaper to buy from the states and be shipped over the pond

I am also looking for a supplier that deals with having custom ykk separating zippers as i am looking to reduce costs for zips of split front chest rigs

Cheers in advance

Introductions / Hi from Sunny Scotland
« on: June 21, 2017, 01:13:11 PM »
Hey Gearmakers, I have been sewing going on 3 years now. It has been a very comfortable part time job while doing a degree in electrical engineering but now that i am finishing up,  it's full steam ahead with making Mael Eņin Tactical my full time job.

I have been visiting this form for a good while and appreciate the knowledge everyone shares and i hope to share some of my knowledge with this community also.

Sitch Bitch

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